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What is UNBOXED?

Welcome! Together, we’re bridging the gap between school and home. UNBOXED by Prepared Parents is a monthly digital kit designed for busy parents and kids in grades 4-9. The best of academic enrichment, backed by critical social-emotional skills are delivered right to you. The Tips and Activities help kids become more independent self-directed, while also building social-emotional skills to overcome challenges, manage stress, and stay focused. 🚀🙌

What we are Learning this month!

This month, kids design and carry out a scientific investigation through the process of baking simple loaves of bread.


How it Works

Each month, we launch a new themed kit with downloadable mini-tools. Each week, you get an email or text walking you through the tools.

Kids start with Plan to set goals for what, and how, they want to learn. Then, they focus on academic enrichment in the monthly-long project, Learn.

Parents and coaches support kids’ learning and social-emotional needs with Engage and Grow across the month. Each month concludes with Celebrate, a recognition of your kid’s progress and achievement.

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As a Parent


Start here! Parents and Coaches learn how to support kids’ minds and bodies in learning.


Nurture habits and skills that are key to learning.

As a Kid


Kids set and work on goals that are personal, relevant, and motivating.


Kids explore the world through an engaging, month-long project that builds career-ready skills.



As a family, celebrate academic and social emotional growth and success.

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Social-emotional Skills +
Academic Achievement =
Success for Kids

UNBOXED uses foundations of learning science, psychology, and behavioral research to help parents support their kids in having positive learning experiences and growing to be their best and most capable selves.

Magic happens when Habits meet Skills.

There are specific Habits of Success and Universal Skills that set kids up for success in school and life. These help our kids develop into curious, independent and resilient adults.

Rituals and routines are essential for learning.

They prepare our kids’ minds and bodies for what is to come, and solidify what they’ve already learned so they can keep growing.

Deep content knowledge propels future learning.

Foundational literacy in reading, writing, and math paves the way for future learning, and purposeful exploration lights a fire in kids.

Learning happens best when kids are engaged.

Kids are motivated by purpose and meaning and are most engaged when work relevant to their interests, passions, and goals.


As a parent, coach, educator or generally awesome adult, UNBOXED helps you unpack learning for your kids. The Habits and Skills are social and emotional mindsets and behaviors, along with transferable skills that prepare kids for an ever-changing future, that set kids up for success in school and life. Both were developed out of rigorous research and application in the classroom — and now you can nurture them at home with UNBOXED.

You can choose a complete UNBOXED digital kit or find the most relevant Tips or Activities to help you with that specific need right now.

What reading and math skills should my kid know?

We have curated a Best of List to help kids

  1. Close the gap in learning
  2. Stay on track
  3. Or move ahead
Go to Build

We have you covered with:

  • Monthly projects with step-by-step instructions
  • Tips for on demand research-based, relevant advice for parents on topics for kids from early elementary to high school
  • Activities for on-demand building of Habits of Success and Universal Skills
  • Fast, friendly help when you need it, via email , text or the Prepared Parents website
  • Access to a community of like-minded Prepared Parents who share best practices and cheer each other on

You got this. And we got you!

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