Develop a family mission statement

Develop a family mission statement

When times are good or bad, it is always a good idea to discuss and codify what you believe in as a family. A shared set of family goals, and do’s & don’ts, can guide your parenting decisions and provide guidance to kids on what choices to make. Your family’s sense of unity and purpose will strengthen as you craft this statement. 

Every family should have a north star or guiding principle to inform how we live our lives. 

Find your north star by answering these questions:  
  • Who are we as a family?
  • What do we care about? 
  • What do we believe? 
  • How do we want to treat each other? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, write out a family statement, memorialize it and display it prominently as a daily reminder when things get tough that you’re in this together and this is our mission right now.

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