Dig deeper into your kid’s INGs to discover more about them

Even if your kid can’t go to dance class, Taekwondo, or music, they can still pursue the INGs they enjoy about that activity at home. INGs are interests that spark a passion your kid can pursue: solving problems, working hands-on, caring for others, being outside, writing.

INGs don’t have to be pursued only at school or in extracurriculars, though. A kid who takes Taekwondo can go to the garage to practice kicks. A musician who plays clarinet can continue to play at home, and a dancer can twirl and spin just about anyplace.

Help your kid to dig deeper into those interests to learn even more about the ING that ignites them. As parents, let’s encourage their authentic curiosity to pursue their passion. You can help them find even more INGs, too.

As you observe what’s sparking an interest, let them know you see their excitement.  Ask what is it about this that you’re enjoying? If it’s writing, ask them what about the process they like? Same for dancing, drawing, building . . . Record their response and you’ll start to see patterns emerge. You could even make a word cloud online or a word collage on poster board to track INGs.  By the time they’re ready to go back to school, they’ll have an impressive list of INGs they are pursuing.

Hear Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life author Diane Tavenner discuss how kids can discover their INGs on Betsy Jewell’s High School Hamster Wheel podcast.

Download our INGs Tool to help your kid discover and dig deep with the things they enjoy doING.