Model goal setting with SMART goals

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Model goal setting with SMART goals

We’re in a unique position right now — balancing work and family in ways we never have before. Kids naturally like to play the role of grown-up and right now our worlds are pretty much the same — working and learning together.

Let’s build on this natural inclination and model some good behaviors for them. With you working from home, your kids will see the professional you — how you interact with colleagues, how you set goals and accomplish tasks, and how you pivot, when you need to change course. These are all skills our kids need, too. Take this time to introduce SMART goals:
The goals your kids set should matter to them, so that their motivation is internal, not external. They can think big and set aspirational goals (and practice how to achieve them), but they should also set smaller, simpler goals.

Show them your SMART goals. Then you can be accountable to each other. Talk through your plans to reach your goals, what potential obstacles might arise, and how you can both get past those. Check in on each other regularly and offer helpful suggestions when asked.

As you set your own goal verbalize why it meets the SMART goal criteria and as you review theirs, ask the same. 

Download our Self-Directed Learning Cycle parenting tool to help your kids set and achieve goals.