Take time to reflect: how’s it going so far?

Take time to reflect: how’s it going so far?

We’re experiencing something unprecedented and there may be some days that feel like a washout. Maybe things didn’t go as planned. This is an opportunity to nurture a valuable skill in your kids: the ability to reflect and grow. Research shows that reflection boosts productivity, and during moments of reflection learning and growth can take place. Asking reflection questions provokes your kids to think about what they want, who they are, what they care about, how they feel, and ultimately what they should do as a result – not because someone told them to do it, but because it’s an authentic choice for them.  

This isn’t the time to lecture or reprimand. Instead, have a conversation that can lead to a better day tomorrow using open-ended questions like these: 

  • What do you want from this situation?  
  • What emotions do you have? 
  • What behaviors are you exhibiting? 
  • What is working or not working? Why? 
  • How did you feel about that? Why?
  • Did you learn something new about yourself?
  • What can you do differently next time?
  • Let’s walk through, talk through or even role-play what you will do the next time in order to get the outcome you want. 
And if your kid isn’t a talker, suggest they write down their responses. They can even start a COVID-19 journal for their responses to this extraordinary situation.